Head of Badassery here at KatieMayClicks. Thanks for checking out The Boudie page! Nice to virtually meet you!

I started shooting boudoir in 2017 after being in the wedding industry for a few years. Boudoir has always been SO MEANINGFUL to me. I grew up in an extremely religious family and was taught that women were to hide themselves and to be as small as possible as to not ever bring any attention to themselves. I grew up feeling that my femininity was a sin. I was told women were "stumbling blocks" to men. I hid myself in layers 24/7. I wasn't even allowed to wear shorts to school until I was a freshman in college.

When I tell you I KNOW the pressures of being "perfect" and COMPLETELY understand all of the weight the world puts on us to look, act and BE someone other than who we really are- I KNOW the struggle.

No one should feel like they need to hide their beauty. No one should feel like they need to be ashamed of their body. Everyone needs to be free of the expectations the world stacks on their shoulders. No one should EVER feel bad about being who they truly are.

It's my mission to make a difference in how the world views us. We are beautiful AS. WE. ARE. "Flaws" and all. I want everyone who comes through my studio doors to feel this in their soul. You are welcome here. Let loose. Be yourself. Relax. Have a babe's only day with us.

See yourself how I see you: f*ckin beautiful.


drink of choice: honestly, it depends on the day- but it 100% is caffeinated. Either a Grande Starbucks Strawberry Açaí Refresher (no strawbs, lite ice, lite water lol) OR a Dunkin' Iced latte with mocha, caramel & oat milk (yeah, I'm one of those haha)

guilty pleasure: laying in bed with my cats for ENTIRELY too long, for sure. Also, binge watching some form of reality tv with Lia till we can't see straight. (Housewives, documentaries about cults & all things Jersey Shore are our faves)

spirit animal: not to be THAT crazy cat lady- but a cat. DEF a cat. If I could be one, I would. I mean- I put a big cat in my logo, like COME ON.


Lia is our booking assistant here at BoudiesByKatieMayClicks & she has also been my bestie for the past 15 years! Not only that- but she was the FIRST boudoir client I EVER had. When I realized I needed an assistant- she was the FIRST person I ran to. Who doesn't wanna work with their bestie? Lia is here to help you book and plan out your session. She'll answer any of your questions leading up to your session - just text her!


drink of choice: Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Vodka Cran, Coke Zero again, Water to keep this bitch hydrated due to the copious amount of Coke Product I consume, and then finish it off with Coke Zero.

guilty pleasure: Crafting until 2 AM when I know I gotta be up at 5 AM for work, Bluey, being a Disney Adult (BUT NOT THE CRINGE KIND OKAY)

spirit animal: Those monkeys with the big eyes who look like they haven't slept in weeks and are .2 seconds away from having a mental breakdown. Also Pandas. But only the Jack Black kind.

why she loves boudoir: Because I love seeing how our clients faces light up when they see themselves all glammed out and looking amazing in their photos!


Mel is our newest team member but is 110% one of those people you just feel like you've known FOREVER. She is our GLAM artist for sure! It wouldn't be a Tuesday session without hearing Mel yelling "YES SLAAAY" at the day's client after they see themselves made-over for the first time. Mel is beyond passionate about makeup and would love to one day run her own salon!


Drink of choice: Iced caramel cold brew with Oatmilk or a passion fruit margarita ✨

Fav makeup brand: Morphe, Too faced, Nars, Tarte cosmetics, Charlotte Tilbury!

Guilty pleasure: Rewatching the same movie over and over again and eating chick-fil-a like it’s nobody damn business.

Spirit animal: I would definitely say a butterfly, because it symbolizes growth and feeling free! Also a little bit of a Lion.. considering my last name is “Leon”.

Why she loves boudoir: I love that it allows babes to shine in a way they never have before! It gives them the confidence they need to feel like the bad bitch they truly are!


Emily started here as a Boudie Babe herself! She came to me for a regular boudoir session and I realized how BOMB she was at slaying makeup that I had to have her for the team! During the week Emily cuts hair professionally and is our go-to girl whenever clients have EPIC hair needs.


drink of choice: Coffee- especially with Baileys

fav makeup brand: Makeup Forever

guilty pleasure: Smoking weed and stuffing my face- while watching Rupaul’s Drag Race of course lol

spirit animal: My spirit animal is prob a leopard. I have one tatted on my entire back

why she loves boudoir: I love boudoir because it’s not just posing in lingerie. As our body changes, we have to learn that we are beautiful inside and out. No beauty standard will ever tell you that. Seeing yourself in a different light can make you feel as confident as ever, it’ll give you a new mindset of yourself. Boudoir is learning to understand and love yourself.


If I could rate my experience with 10 stars I would! From the moment I walked into the studio I went from being a big ball of nerves to feeling like a goddess. My makeup and hair was done by Emily and she helped me feel more and more comfortable and reminded me of the beauty I have and accentuated it. Wonderful human being! Then once the photos started it felt like I was hanging out with a best girlfriend and so empowered, beautiful and a total baddie 😉

I loved how Katie had no problem jumping in and showing me how to pose because I was mostly clueless and she was so kind and patient with me when I looked at her with utter confusion. Trust her process in every way even if you aren’t sure you can move that way because the photos come out soooooo good! I’ve always been one to shy away from looking at photos of myself but I honestly can’t stop looking at these and feeling so empowered to love every bit of me. I can’t thank Katie enough for the everything and can’t wait to book another shoot with her in the future! I would recommend her to anyone that will listen! - Rebecca