How much does this cost?

Our Experiences start at $999! And EVERY Experience with us INCLUDES digital images, access to our Client Closet (with over 300 outfits & 50 pairs of shoes to choose from), professional makeup, your choice between our TWO studios, same day selecting of your images and 3 day delivery!

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes we do! Your first step is to submit an inquiry form on our CONTACT page. Once submitted, you'll get an email with our Experience Guide. You'll then be able to select which Experience best fits your needs & pay your booking retainer. The remainder of your Experience fee can then be split up into monthly or bi-weekly payments up until your session date. So the further out you book, the lower your payments will be (as there's more time to spread them out)!

Your Experience MUST be paid in full by the time of your session date in order for your session to take place.

We'll set up your payment plan when you sign your contract & you'll be all set!

DO i have to buy my own outfits?

We have a Client Closet with over 300 outfits for you to choose from at your session! So, no! You do not have to bring your own outfits -unless you want to!

We carry all sizes in our Closet as its extremely important to us to provide an experience for ALL body types. If for some reason we don't have anything in your size- we'll make sure we purchase options for you before your session!

Our Closet also includes over 50 pairs of shoes in sizes 6-10, as well as EVERY prop your heart could desire. We have: wedding veils, crowns, whips, handcuffs, harnesses, body jewelry, earrings, garters, fishnets, pasties, spreader bars, masks, gloves.... the list goes on! You literally do not need to purchase ANYTHING before your session- we got you covered (literally)!

Is there a discount if i do my own makeup?

Makeup is included in every experience at our studio. The price is bundled together so there is no discount for not having it done, or having it done somewhere else before your session.

Having your glam done is a huge part of the pampering that comes with a boudoir session. Whether you're someone who LOVES makeup or NEVER ever wears it- you're in good hands with our team. We've worked together for years perfecting exactly what's needed to make your skin look its best on camera. In the past, when makeup was not included, we ran into issues with glam not looking right on camera- or issues with quality. With our in house MUA, that's something that never needs to be worried about!

Glam is where we ease those session jitters and get comfortable with each other before getting down to business. We know it can be awkward to jump into lingerie in front of a stranger. Having your makeup done in studio helps you get used to the space and get comfortable with us before your session!

Do i have to share my photos publicly?

Absolutely not! At BoudiesByKatieMayClicks, we prioritize your privacy and ensure your photos remain confidential. Enjoy your dream boudoir experience with peace of mind.

Once you've selected your photos, we provide you with a Model Release form to fill out. With this form, you have complete control over what is shared and where. You decide what you're comfortable with and sign the form. Public sharing is never a requirement – it's completely up to you!

We deliver your images in a private, password-protected gallery, ensuring that you have full control over who can access them. Without the link & password, no one can access your photos.

Rest assured that we never share ANY photos without written consent. So don't let this hold you back – your photos are completely in your hands!

Can i gift a session to someone?

Can you gift a boudoir experience? Absolutely, YES, you can! But let's make sure it's something they really want and are ready for before you spend any money. Boudoir is an intimate experience and we value the safety and comfort of our clients above all else, so we recommend gifting the session first to ensure they're 100% onboard before booking.

Once you’re 110% sure they’re ready & excited, you can go ahead and pick a date and officially book with us. We'll need you both to sign a contract to secure your booking (don't worry, we remove the payment section and have you sign that, as the gifter, separately!)

You can choose to gift any experience type with us- and payment plans are still available, if needed. As with our regular bookings, the session must be paid in full before the scheduled date.

Do you do couples sessions?

Yes and they're the BEST. Here's how they work: you'll inquire through our CONTACT page and be sent over our Experience Guide. You'll then select the Experience that best suits what you're looking for. Next, you'll select "MAKE IT A COUPLES SESSION" from the add on portion of the Guide. -That's it!

Our Couples sessions are completely guided and you are posed together for the entirety of the session. We do not do individual photos during couples sessions - you'll be together the whole time!

Our couples sessions can get a little spicy but we want to make it clear that we DO NOT allow full nudity or erotica of any kind. If this is what you're interested in- we're happy to send you a list of amazing photographers we recommend- just let us know!

Do you offer albums or other products?

Products are always available for purchase at your reveal session! We have TONS of albums, wall art, folios and more for you to choose from.

Products are not included in the Experience pricing and are put on a separate invoice. Any product purchase at your reveal can be put on a payment plan, just like your Experience fee! No products or extra digitals purchased are delivered until paid in full.

How long does it take to get everything back?

Digitals are ALWAYS included in ANY of our Experiences. Your included digitals are delivered within 3 days!

If you purchase extra digitals at your reveal session- they are delivered within 1 week or when paid in full- if on a payment plan.

Our physical products take between 3-6 weeks to arrive- so keep this in mind when picking a date if you need things by a specific date!

Do you photoshop?

We do not. We believe in embracing yourself as you are. All of our imperfections are what make us human!

We do, however, abide by what we like to call the "two week rule".

If you have a mark, bruise, cut, pimple, dry skin, etc. that won't be on your body in two weeks (aka not a permanent part of you) we'll remove it!

When retouching your images, we will also lightly skin smooth. This helps to even out skin tones and smooth out those imperfections listed above.

We do not ever make changes to your body- as we wholeheartedly believe you are WORTHY exactly as you are, in the body you're in.

Can I bring a friend?

Absolutely! We allow every client to bring along a friend to cheer them on as long as they are over 20 years of age and are female identifying & not your partner.

Do you do Maternity sessions?

YES YES YES and they are a FAVORITE of ours! Maternity boudoir is on another level of beautiful and we are OBSESSED.

We have outfits specifically to fit pregnant bodies in our Client Closet waiting for you! So you don't even have to worry about what to wear- we have it allllll

Ready to take your next steps?


Don't worry, you're not locked into a date until payment is made- so if you need to change it after getting more info- you absolutely can! 😉

Friendly reminder: We love weekends just as much as the next person, so we keep our bookings limited.

Additional charges apply for any weekend bookings.

StEP 2: Fill out the inquiry form

Once submitted, you'll be emailed over our Experience Guide & pricing!

STEP 3: Sit back, relax, and let us handle the rest.