Join the BoudiesByKatieMayClicks referral squad and you can earn one!


  1. Read the terms & fill out the form below to officially become a part of the SQUAD.
  2. TELL ERR'BODY! Spread the word- tell all your friends and their mom's moms about your session and refer them to book for themselves.
  3. MAKE SURE you tell them to DROP YOUR NAME when they inquire! For every client who drops your name on their inquiry form AND books a session YOU GET $100 TOWARDS YOUR NEXT SESSION. You can use the $100 right away OR you can keep referring babes and rake in the discounts!
  4. THAT'S IT! What, you thought there were more steps? It's that simple! Join below!


*Referral discounts are valid for ONE YEAR starting on the date you submit the form below. Referral discounts MUST be redeemed before hitting the ONE YEAR mark of you joining the REFERRAL SQUAD. After the year is up, accrued referral discounts expire. A new membership form must be filled out and a new year of referrals can begin to accrue.

*Referral discounts MAY NOT be used for retainer fees. Retainers are set in place to hold dates & book makeup & hair. They cannot be waived. They can be used towards remaining session fees & reveal session purchases.

*By joining, you understand that your referral MUST drop your name on their inquiry form to get you your $100 credit. PLEASE TELL ALL YOUR REFERRALS TO DROP YOUR NAME!! There is a section on all inquiry forms that asks "Where did you hear about BoudiesByKatieMayClicks? Insta? Google? A carrier pigeon? (if it's from a friend drop their name here!)" THIS IS WHERE THEY NEED TO PUT YOUR NAME FOR YOU TO EARN CREDIT!

*By joining you also understand that your referral will not count if they do not fully book. Referrals must sign their SESSION AGREEMENT and pay their RETAINER in order to be considered officially booked. Once this is done you'll receive a message notifying you who dropped your name & that you have a new $100 credit!

(Used in case an inquiry decides to say "I heard about you from my nail artist at Tip Top Nails!" instead of your name.)

Your referral discounts will be valid for 365 days from this date. They must be redeemed by this date next year or they will expire.