What made you choose BoudiesByKatieMayClicks for your session?

"I choose Katie because I felt comfortable with her. I knew her just a bit from our job on the military base back in the day. This was something new and scary for me. I needed to feel like I could trust the person before being vulnerable."

boudoir session new jersey

What was your favorite part from your whole session?

"All of it! The make up transformation, hair, and just the chit chatting. Getting into uncomfortable positions to show off the sexy body was also exhilarating."

Were you nervous for your shoot? If so, when did the nerves go away?

"I definitely was super nervous. I couldn't even smirk, and I know how to smirk! Lol whenever I see my pictures I still have this nervous ball in the pit of my stomach, but hey I did it!"


How did you feel after your session?

"Ugh, I felt like a BAD ASS BOSS QUEEN!"

nj boudoir photographer

Would you recommend a boudoir session to your friends? If so, what would you tell them?

"Hell yeah I tell anyone no matter what they should do it for them, and no one else! To feel the strength you get for yourself. It feels way better if you do it for yourself. Shoot, some people I added to the facebook group before I did my session!"