What made you choose BoudiesByKatieMayClicks for your session?

"I chose Katie for my session because of just who She is. Her personality is inviting and down to earth. Her photos are always PHENOMENAL. You can tell how much hard work and determination goes into every shoot and photo and in her business in general.

What was your favorite part from your whole session?

"probably when I rolled off the couch or Mel being the MVP on FIXING MY HAIR-

And of course getting my makeup done."

Were you nervous for your shoot? If so, when did the nerves go away?

"Insanely nervous. I thought I was gonna be awkward and feel uncomfortable prancing around in lingerie all day but it was the exact opposite. After seeing the outfits Kaite picked out and trying different outfits on to find the perfect ones for me helped wipe away the anxiety because I could actually start to appreciate me and what I was doing for myself."

How did you feel after your session?

"HOT. EMPOWERING. BAD ASS. Like I am enough for me. Like I could appreciate myself again and love my body for what it is and what it can do."

Would you recommend a boudoir session to your friends? If so, what would you tell them?

"Omg yes!!! I'm telling everyone and their mother they need to do a shoot. It doesn't matter what you look like, if you have a partner or not, your size or shape. Just do it. When's the last time you took a WHOLE day for you? From start to finish, being pampered, feeling sexy, laughing and hanging with some really cool ass people who pump you up the entire time. it's like being on cloud 9 all day long. Everyone should experience what it feels like to really take that day to love you and all of you."